If you are a big Scandal fan like I am, you will definitely understand this post's title. Welcome back, readers! I hope you have had a blessed week! Today, I channeled my inner Olivia Pope and I hope that you all like the look. I am excited to share with you this post because I have been wanting to create this look for a while now and I can assure you, there are going to be similar looks like this in the future, so do watch out for those. To achieve this look, I made sure to keep it smart, classy, and comfortable. The black slacks came in handy and was easy to pair it with my white peplum blouse. To add a little color to the outfit, I applied my red Lime Crime lipstick and the tricolor Celine bag. A pair of classy stilettos added sophistication to this look and finally, the watch helped me complete looking like Ms. Pope. From this post onwards, I would like to tell you all that if you wish to know on how to get any of the items that I have styled with or you saw in any of the outfit posts, please feel free to contact me through my official business page on how to get them and I promise, it's all for an affordable price! Simply type in "TY Fashion" on Facebook or Instagram and feel free to message at any time for pricing inquiries. Have a progressive and productive week and see you during the next post everyone!

 Happy Sunday! Or as we say in my native language, "Bon Dimanche!" Once again, I am more than glad and excited to share with you this look that I put together in roughly $30 from head-to-toe. I was happy to add this little number to my closet because I think having a statement red dress (or any statement 1 solid color dress) is just as important as having a classy LBD. I paired my red bodycon dress with my Forever21 pointed black stilettos (comment below for details on how to get them!) and my gold chain. Although I did not add a purse to the look, you can feel free to use a black (preferably) or silver clutch for ladies night out or a nice date with your man. I do not know why but there may be just a thing about a woman in a red dress that screams pure sexiness, despite the built or stature. I believe that attitude is everything and one should be able to wear a red dress confidently. If you do not want to go for the usual black and red combination, you can also try matching the dress with silver, gold, or nude colored heels. Most importantly, when wearing a bold color like red, you should wear the dress and not let it wear you! Stand confident and feel comfortable. After all, you can't say all eyes weren't on you! Have a blessed Sunday everyone and I pray you have a productive week ahead. Thank you for your continuous support on my blog and do keep it going!

Welcome back, readers! It's finally my favorite day of the week and I'm excited to share with you my casual Sunday post about the Do's and Dont's of wearing leggings. Ladies, I think it's safe to say that most of you will agree with me that leggings can be worn all year round, are comfortable to move in, and can easily be styled with a lot of mix-n-match options. To achieve this look, I paired my black leggings (every woman should own more than 1 pair) with my casual white top which I recently purchased from a night market (once again, got a great deal!). The side slit makes it so comfortable to wear in this Bangkok heat and I love the extra breeze that I get along with the stylish cut. Feel free to comment below or send me a message for any inquiries on where to get the items that I'm wearing from head to toe! Moving on to the main theme for this post. Here are some simple tips from my recent discoveries and lots of reading. Enjoy! 

The Do's:
1. Make sure the material is stretchy enough. (Ladies, there is really no need to give your audience a sneak peek of what's underneath!)

2. Cover your frontal area. Try as much as you can to buy tops that will cover you front and back, and won’t cling if you walk or sit
3. Find tops that will give you a graceful proportion; not voluminous, and not tight to your body.

The Dont's:
 1. If you're on the bigger side, it's not necessary to always wear really big tops to cover your figure. It can sometimes make you look heavier.

2. Stay away from stiletto pumps when wearing leggings. Really, there's no need to overdo it.

3. Try to not go for body hugging tops, even if you have a nice figure. Make your outfit look comfy!

I hope these somehow are of help to you. Till next week, readers! Have a blessed week and God bless :)

Blessed Sunday, readers! Hope you all have been doing well and have had a productive week so far. For those of you facing challenges, don't stress! Instead take all your worries to the Lord, our God and trust Him whole-heartedly to guide you in your life as He has done in mine. Remember, whole-heartedly not a little or just halfway! Refer to Proverbs 3:5 for assurance and I promise you won't be disappointed :) Moving on to this week's outfit post, I'd like to present to you a simple, yet classy church look that I put together in under $30 (head-to-toe)! If you haven't already noticed, white comes under my top favorite colors as it is always easy to pair with other shades. I recently purchased this fishtail pencil skirt from the night market and have been very pleased with this great buy because it's so comfortable and body fitting. I matched my new white pumps with the top and added a white belt to complete the church look. When whites are used for a look, you have to be extra cautious to not mess up as things can get dirty easily but I think the biggest advantage to adding white is that it gives  a clean, soft look (and that's what I love most!) When it comes to pencil skirts, every woman should know that there are different kinds for different body types. Pencil skirts are perfect for pear and hourglass shaped bodies, looking to show off those killer curves. If you have a banana shaped figure, go for a pencil skirt with a peplum to help create the illusion of a curvier physique. For more information feel free to comment below, ask a question, or even voice a suggestion for improvement for this post or any other previous posts. Thank you for reading and stay smiling! Have a lovely week!