Hi everyone and welcome back! Hope that you all have been doing well and taking care of yourselves. It's been a hectic and busy few weeks for me as I am in the middle of my final exams and prepping to finish them off so I can enjoy my long vacation at home very soon. Today's post features a look I hardly do, and they are babydoll dresses. They might not be the easiest to style but if you don't want to opt for heels like I have done, try a cute pair of flats, boots, or sneakers. I am seen wearing a black lace babydoll dress with a braided hairstyle to give off the girl-next-door look. Also, I've added in a pair of white and pink pumps and a simple black belt to keep the simplicity. This look can easily be your church look, off to work look, or even a casual meeting look. Although a lot of women might not feel babydoll dresses are for them, I do encourage you to try the best fit for your body type. Some women compliment the longer dresses, while others look better in the shorter ones. Study your body, carry yourself well, and be confident in what you're sporting! God bless you all and have a great week ahead!

Make-Up Artist: Zindie Mayaka
Photographer: Prerna Kishore

Happy mid week readers so i got  nominated   for the liebster award im really glad to share with you through my answers.
 The Liebster Award is an Internet award for newbie bloggers given by fellow bloggers. It is aimed at promoting upcoming blogs of a good standard with less than 200 followers you can google it for more details actually i got nominated by 3 people by the beautiful wanshy girl and the incredible Toyin  and the  lovely evita they  are  all 3 great blogger and appreciate them thank you for the nomination
  i will be able to take 5questions from toyin and others 5 from wanshy and 3 questions from evita  here we go
 1 What is your favorite nickname and is there a story behind it?
well yanikeur will always be my favorite of all time this name came from my highschool mate  and the yani come from yanes and that keur  it a jargon  that come from coeur in french which means heart.
2 Current favorite tv series?
i really have right now have a lot of series but all of them are on break but will definetly name them
how to get away with murder
devious maids
hit the floor
3 Whose wardrobe would you rather? Annalise Keating from ‘HTGAWM‘, Cookie Lyon from ‘EMPIRE‘ or Jessica Pearson from ‘SUITS
im all the way jessica pearson i really love her look cookie sometime she dresses extravagant but i like it also but not as much as i do love jeassica pearson
4 If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
there i series i was into before the season end it called super girl i would love to have those power of hers because of the ability to fly
5 Do you still watch cartoons? If yes, which one is your favorite?
i used to like cartoon a lot but i think the more i grow up ive forgoten how they look like lool but i can still watch if it really interesting
6 What inspired you to start a blog?
my friends inspired me they always use to tell me to start a blog because i always look good and always knows how  to pull out my outfit together
7. How long have you been blogging?
it been  1 year i had my anniversary on the 7th of june still planning a blogpost on that
8. What’s your favorite fashion item?
im an addicted to shoes (heels) and bags this is something that have to always be on my post
9. Who helps you take your pictures?
i have the sweetest friend ever who always there and dedicated to take my pictures shes from indian since ive startrd no one have taken my pictures.
10 What sort of blogger are you? (Fashion, Style, Art, Beauty)
my blog it all about fashion  maybe with time i will want to do beauty also
11 Do you consider yourself a foodie?
food food and food im 100% foodie food is bae
12 A sunny or rainy day? Choose one and tell us why.
rainy day  all the way when it sunny im nervous
13What's your favorite snack?
chocolate  i love dark and brown chocolate
14 What song are you currently jamming to?
tiwa savage 'if i start to talk' Mhd 'Roger milla"
 hope you guys like it i was really glad to be nominated
Now I’m nominating
here the questions
A day at the beach or shopping mall? Choose one and tell us why
Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?
 What challenges do you face as regards blogging?.
Favorite hangout place atm?
Should a birthday celebrant be the one to foot the bill or the guests pay for themselves?
Whose wardrobe would you rather? Annalise Keating from ‘HTGAWM‘, Cookie Lyon from ‘EMPIRE‘ or Jessica Pearson from ‘SUITS
Current favorite tv series?
What’s your advice for newbie bloggers?
How do you balance blogging with school or work?
here we go girl waiting for yours answers
xoxo till next post