welcome back to my blog readers , I would like first thank each and one of you for your continuous support  may God always richly bless you . My post today it all about African print I'm glad to introduce you my Dashiki dress, actually this is not my first time trying this material I have done one before you can check it out here , if you have been following me for a while you will definitely know that all my African attire are designed by my Mom and I'm always super excited to wear them I have decided to pair it with my Forever 21 shoes gifted by my friend for Christmas  and to match the shoes I went along with a gold clutch and gold earrings, this dress Is actually very comfortable to walk in and also you can wear it for  church, work, meeting with clients. actually the outfit it already bright  considering how busy prints  are .Its print is in a wide range of designs, from skirts, dresses, matching pieces, loose fits, and loads of other styles.   I decided to make add my red lime crime lipstick that will perfectly goes with my red nails.   You can try styling these types of fabric in  your own personal designs  you can make it tailored made in any way possible. Make sure it perfectly fitting and that  you're comfortable in it and that you wear the dress instead of letting it wear you. because such materials need a perfect fitting .as I'm ending this post for today i wanted to finish it by a verse that touch my heart for this Sunday and will add a quotes on top thank you so much for always stopping by and your comments are always welcome and highly appreciate. have a bless week ahead readers xx

Photographer: Prerna Kishore
                         Now from six   hour there   darkness over all  the land     unto  the ninth hour Jesus cried with loud voice ,saying, Eli ,Eli, lama sabachani? that is to say, My God , My God , why hast thou forsaken me?
Mathew 27: 45
You can't start a new chapter of your life if you keep
re-reading the last one.

Dress ; tailored made (mum)
 Shoes; Forever 21
 Clutch: Thailand shop
 Earrings ; H&m