ZALORA Thailand Giveaway

Hope you all have had a blessed week! As we come to a close for this weekend, I pray each and every one of you tackle all your challenges, whether at school or work, and come out a winner in every situation possible in the upcoming week. Just remember to always praise God in whatever you do and no matter how you feel. Coming back to the blog, if you read the title, you already know what's going to be discussed. I am proud to showcase my special collaboration with  Zalora thailand, where I received a complimentary dusty pink tote bag from them. How cool is that? I chose to pair the bag with my peach Zara sandals as well as a pair of white jeans and a blue top, both from H&M. This look is fairly simple but very easy to pull off and comfortable to wear. The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, making it convenient for whenever you want to switch it up or if you just get tired of holding on to it. This tote can also be matched with a pencil skirt or a casual dress to achieve a spring/summer look. Not only that, but you can choose to sport the bag with wedges or even a pair of vans/converse shoes. Finally, I decided to top off the look with a simple white-gold wristwatch and a statement necklace piece.

I would like everyone to rush over to their official website" check out all the cool stuff they have on there as well as a large variety of styles for both men and women. I hope to partner up again in the future and thank you ZALORA Thailand for choosing to collaborate with me. To all my supporters, see you again next week!

To own this tote bag for yourself, click on:


Photographer: Prerna Kishore