Transforming Statement Pieces

Welcome back everyone and hope you all are doing well. Also hoping you had a blessed and merry Christmas with your loved ones! This year I'm more than fortunate to have my parents visit me in Bangkok for the holiday season as I have missed them both so much and I'm super thankful to be spending quality time with them. With that said, forgive me for putting this post up a day late as I have been busy taking them around the city and squeezing in all the time I can get with them on their short trip. Moving on to the blog, today's outfit is for a perfect date, ladies night out, or a fancy dinner with your friends. If you are looking at my outfit and immediately thinking about Beyonce's Grammy 2013 outfit, then yes this is the one :) You may have already realized my love for jumpsuits and the reason why I adore them is very simple: they're comfortable to sport and can easily be transformed from a day to a night outfit. This jumpsuit has been paired with open-toe sandals, a statement necklace, a pair of simple black-gold earrings, and my MK watch. While you may think of jumpsuits as a casual piece, the right one can actually be dressy. One tip would be to ditch your flats for heels as I have done here to elongate your legs and you can also throw in a blazer to have an office-ready look. If you have never tried on a jumpsuit before and would like to do so, I would suggest getting a black one to be on the safe side just to test the waters. Once you feel confident, you can then move on to more daring patterns and different shades. Whatever you do, it's always advised to dress according to your body type and remember to always carry yourself with a big smile of confidence! Till we meet again next week! Have a blessed week and God bless you for the remainder of this year. Hope you have a great new year's celebration and remember that there is always something to be thankful about!

Photographer: Prerna Kishore