Happy Sunday and welcome back to the blog! Hope you had a blessed weekend and I pray you all achieve whatever it is that you need to complete for the upcoming week ahead. As I prepare for my midterms, I ask you to kindly whisper a prayer in my name for success in my exams so that I move one step further towards my end goal :) Moving on to today's blog post, I am seen sporting one of my mother's gifts; a custom-tailored African-print flared skirt (Mum's the best!) Because the skirt already has three main colors going on, I chose to keep the look simple but matching it with a black top and my new investment on my black lace-up heels. For those who personally know me know that I've been talking about finding the right pair of lace-up heels for the longest time and I am so glad to have finally found this one! You will definitely be seeing this along with a bag full of surprises that I have planned for you all which will be seen soon in the future posts. To accessorize the look, I chose to add my gold Michael Kors watch and a simple gold chain. I have been told several times that African prints really suit me as opposed to other more westernized outfit choices and so I decided to give you more of these for the upcoming posts and also different ways to wear them. In fact these prints have been trending so much that I'm seeing more and more designs on the runway including top brands which have started incorporating the different colored prints in skirts, shoes, clutches, and even headbands. I hope you liked the look and for more inquiries on where to get your hands on any of the outfit pieces (shoes, shirt, necklace, top, etc.), feel free to message me on my official Facebook page titled "Yanikeur" or comment below. Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

It's safe to say that the 90s fashion is back! Whether it's an A-line midi, mini, or flare, denim skirts have returned and they're here to stay. They are comfortable, stylish, and super trendy. Also, it's something you can easily pair it up with like I have done in this post. You do not have to opt for nude heels as I have done. Instead for a more comfortable day out, you can choose to rock this look with a pair of converse, vans, or any sneakers for that matter. If you choose a black or darker shade top like mine, your sneakers can be that of a bright color to make the outfit look more summer-esque. I have chosen to show you three different ways to carry this look: wearing the jacket, wrapping it around your waist (for a more 90s look), or leaving the jacket aside to showoff those curves just as they are. The best thing about this style is that it's totally throw on and go. Form-fitting skirts  like the one I'm seen sporting can also be worn with sandals if you're not much of a sneakers person and other options for tops could be buttoned-down shirts or v-necks for women with a larger bustline. A solid crop top and a sling back bag is a combo that works for any casual outing. Remember to always go what works best for you and what you feel most confident in. Have a blessed week everyone and see you next week! God bless!
Zalora - Serena's Look


Hi all! Not to be confused. This is a special post (aside from my regular Sunday posts) and this is specially made for Zalora Thailand! If you don't already know, Zalora is an online shopping website available in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand. They recently collaborated with the Gossip Girl series (Thai Version) and have been providing an exciting variety of apparel to choose from on the show and their official website. Feel free to head over to their website's new collection (link attached below) to shop over hundred of looks from Something Borrowed, River Island, and much more! The collage posted above is my entry and wishlist for achieving Serena's look, which I personally believe wins against Blair's look. Comment below to tell me whose style do you prefer - Serena or Blair? Till we meet tomorrow!

And so we meet again! I hope you have had a restful weekend and that you're up and ready for the challenges of a new week. To my Bangkok friends, I pray you all are safe and that you take care amongst the chaos that's reigning at the center of the city. For those that do not know, Bangkok city has been hit by a series of bomb blasts and so I would like for you to kindly pray for the safety of the people here, including myself and my friends, as well as for the people who have lost their loved ones. This is a very tragic moment but I know God has our back. He is watching over this city and its people who are scared and suffering. Moving on to today's post, I have chosen to stick with the season's theme and that is to sport a light summer dress along with my new Zara peach open-toe stilettos. As you may have noticed, the usual grey wall background has changed and that is simply because I have been receiving a lot of suggestions on experimenting on different colored and more natural looking backgrounds for my posts. So I thought to myself, why not? Change is good and I hope you all are pleased with the new shoot looks. I love this dress because it is flowy (as a summer dress should be), it is very comfortable, and the backless halter style keeps the outfit stylish and easy to wear. The look has been kept very simple (minimal make-up and almost close to no jewelry) to show that it can be worn for a day out with your friends, for a walk in the park (as pictured here), or shopping around town by yourself. I only chose to wear my maroon match to add an accessory to the outfit, otherwise, you can also rock it with a sling-back purse or bag, comfortable thong sandals, or a pair of wedges. Summer is the one time you want to be comfortable in so experiment around, let your body breathe a little, and have fun with your looks! Have a blessed week everyone and see you next week for something new just for you!
Bon Dimanche everyone and welcome back to yet another blog post that I have prepared for you all! Before I continue, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who keeps coming back every Sunday to show love and support. I really appreciate it because this is what I love doing and I do it all for you guys! Today, I present to you the summer jumpsuit which can be worn for a ladies night out or a semi-formal event. I chose to accessorize my pink printed jumpsuit with a black purse and black stilettos, but you can choose to pair it up with other colors and styles of accessories such as belts, necklaces, or peep-toe sandals. You can also choose to go for colors such as white and silver if you don't want to opt for black stilettos or a black clutch. I chose to keep it simple and applied my LimeCrime red lipgloss which is perfect for an evening event. Jumpsuits are what I have been into lately and you will be seeing more of it in the near future. They are comfortable to wear, stylish, and flattering on different body types. Like maxi dresses, many styles of jumpsuits cinch at the natural waistline, then drape over the lower body to create an hourglass shape. Once piece of advice for jumpsuits are to avoid the ones that are too tight. Instead, try going for styles with wide-leg pants which will make any body type look leaner and taller. Summer is a time for making bold fashion choices, so have fun experimenting with your new jumpsuit! You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you could possibly get :) If you are interested on how to own this jumpsuit or a similar one, message me on my official business page(s) on Facebook through either "Yanikeur" or "TY Fashion" and I'll be glad to help you out. I hope God blesses you abundantly this week and have a productive week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!

 Happy mid-week readers! I know a post today is unusual for you all which is what makes this post so special. On Facebook and Instagram, I leaked a sneak peek couple of days ago about a collaboration I did with another fashion blogger. Today, I am excited to tell you that it is no other than my blogger sista, Sarah Audu or better known as Princess Audu to you guys. (princessaudu.blogspot.com) We initially came up with the idea very recently and were very excited to show this to you all. Let me introduce her just briefly (for those who haven't already heard). Princess Audu is a Nigerian fashion blogger on the rise and her style draws inspiration from the people and things around her. Her blog showcases her different outfits, look-books, fashion posts, and her faith in God. We initially met each other through the church we go to and since then have kicked it off on a great note. I was glad we could pull off this shoot together and I hope you all like the collaboration as much as we loved making it just for you guys. The theme for this shoot is all about midi skirts where as you can see, we have presented to you two very different styles of them. She is seen sporting a casual printed skirt whereas I am rocking a body fit black one. Midi skirts can be paired easily with almost any good fitting top and are very comfortable to move around in (especially for this cruel Bangkok heat). Thanks for your continuous support and see you Sunday for the usual weekly post! Make sure you head over to her blog and support her work. Thanks for reading!

head over to Princess Audu's blog for more pics and how to style a midi skirt.

Happy Sunday, readers! Thank you for joining me back on the blog this week. As the title suggests, I would like to present to you my Congolese fusion kikwembe (as we call it back home) dress with a westernized twist. This was recently gifted to me by my lovely mother and I absolutely adore the details on this piece! From the lace to the printed ends of the sleeves, this dress is my new favorite for a wedding reception, pre-dowry party (for my fellow Africans who actually have the event in their countries/cultures), cocktail party, or even a romantic date with your man. I paired this dress with my black clutch and Forever21 black pumps. As you have noticed, I picked golden accessories to match with the details on the clutch and the pumps so the whole outfit looks presentable and classy. To achieve this look and own any of the accessories (i.e. clutch, necklace, or watch), please feel free to drop a comment below this post or message me on my official Facebook page @Yanikeur. Thank you for your continuous support and have a blessed week ahead!