Make It Pop

Welcome back everyone and Bon Dimanche to all! Keeping it simple today and getting straight to the post - jumpsuits are on the rise and you should cop one before they run out of style. Take it from someone who absolutely loves them and has plenty in her closet! All of a sudden it's an acceptable evening wear option, respectable attire for a wedding and strong competition for a dress that most women wear out. To achieve what I'm wearing, I took a very simple tube top black jumpsuit and paired it with my black & white pumps to give it a classier and more night-time look along with a pearl necklace and gold wristwatch. If you prefer styling with more colors and prints, try adding one type of print and not three different kinds for the shoes, accessories, or clutch. You also try a pop of color like purple, navy blue, or other shades that are uncommon and can be paired with a simple jumpsuit like this. To make my outfit stand out, I chose to stick with a bright red lip color and a brighter shade of eye shadow. As most women choose for brighter colors in accessories and shoes, I am here to tell you that try experimenting with make-up as well and not just items of clothing or embellishments.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the look that I put much effort into. Till we meet again next week, readers and I hope you have a great week ahead filled with lots of blessings!

Make-Up Artist: Genevieve Maduakor
Photographer: Prerna Kishore