Let it FLOW!

This week has been very tiring because of all the things I had to get done on my errands list. Nonetheless, I am glad that it's Sunday and I was able to go worship my Lord in church. For today's look, I am proud to show you my most recent purchase from a local night market for under $10 (great deal, huh?) paired with a simple black top I also bought just last night. I love skirts in general because they're very comfortable to wear as opposed to jeans or other pants, and help us ladies to maintain a stylish, yet classy look. I believe that you can style a lace skirt (like mine and other types) with pretty much any top - a buttoned down blouse, denim, silk tops, etc. Lace helps you to look professional and fashionable and that's why it is my pick for today's post. A lot of people also think that lace can only be worn at night since it's considered to be a fancy material, but I think just the opposite. It's a light piece of cloth and can be easily worn during the day as well, in any color you wish to rock it in. To beat the sun, I played around this shoot with my sunglasses and to complete the look, I chose to go for simple black stilettos and a black slingback purse. I hope you enjoy this look and if you have any comments on how to improve it further, please do feel free to express yourself. Thank you for the continuous support for my blog and have a great new week, readers!