It's the middle of the week and time is flying! In today's post, I'd like to talk about this ensemble that I have put together from my inspiration. From my experience, I have seen that when the word "smart casual" comes up in dress codes for events, a lot of women think about wearing only dresses or skirts. I'm here to tell you that a smart casual look can also be achieved with pants or jeans. So how did I come up with look? One of my dreams has always been to finish school fast and start working. I always tell myself that I can't wait to work because I can already see myself styling with the different office wears that are out there. This smart and classy look was one of the ideas that came to my mind. White will always be one of my essential colors that gives a boost to any outfit as it is a soft color. To be a little daring, I paired this sleeveless blazer with my mustard yellow tight fit jeans. Wearing a full blazer in this summer is a no-no, so this sleeveless piece really helps to do the trick. For the shoes, I chose to go with medium high black stilettos to keep the look classy, and that's why I recommend this look can also be worn for a job interview. Coming to the choice of color for my jeans, I would say that women should experiment with colored jeans and not be afraid to take a risk every now and then. Of course, you can't just buy any type of colored denim. I suggest that these kind of jeans should ALWAYS be bought in the perfect fit. They say that women with a heavier bottom half should opt for darker shades as opposed to lighter shades and vice versa for women whose bottom half is lighter than their upper half. Yellow is that popular color that few want to wear near their face. Therefore, wearing this color in a pair of jeans is a great compromise. With this post, I'd like to personally encourage you to try out different colors instead of sticking to the usual denim blue or black. Also, be open minded and remember that a smart casual look is not always about high waisted skirts and dresses. Have a great rest of the week, readers! And may God favor your in all your endeavors!