Stepping Up To Fashion

 Hello Readers

Hope everyone is doing good  and everything is well ,I know...I went missing just like that! I didn't mean to disappear without any prior notice, but you know what they say about happens. How have you been?? Gosh! I really missed being here. , i actually took a break from writting overwhemed by a lot and going through though time in school i decided to resign lool but the way i was missing writting only a blogger will understand ;this love came back  and  i completed all the courses and  i was supposed to do an internship and guess what  when i started ; i was working as a content writer; and hen this brought us back all the memories i shared on my blog and i was missing writting so decided to take back my baby , and  let  come to today's post the pictues was taken long ago and this dress is perfect with multiples  occasions  as a birthday dinner , church or even better at a graduation ceremony, i know why im metionning graduation it because i will be graduatd soon i cant wait , paired this gorgeous dress from  Boohoo that i purchased at a great price while ago and to paired this i opted for my black Forever 21 shoes  that i think goes well together i have added a  bag that goes well with the colours of the outfit  and  a necklace to complete the outfit this is an easy pull up together that you can slay at different occasions,
I believe that  dresses are essential to a complete wardrobe by any woman and it should be kept simple and elegant. So ladies, if you are reading this then  you know how dresses are essential in a women closet , I highly suggest you work towards investing in  because this dress can be dressed up or down and is a great look to go anytime of the year
Please do let me know in the comments box below your suggestions and comments for this look, and suggest what i  will you add or remove have a great week!

2 Samuel 22:31
His work is perfect, For all His ways are just; A God of faithfulness and without injustice, Righteous and upright is He. 

Thanks a lot to all the readers  for sticking with me till now. I'm too grateful for all the love and support shown and will always be grateful.
With all my love,


Dress : Boohoo
Accessories : Forever 21
Shoes:  Forever 21

     Make-Up Artist: Gevevieve maduakor
Photographer: Grace N. Fatuma