Biker Chic

It's finally Sunday and that means I get to share with you all a brand new post! Today, I would like to introduce my biker chic side to you and my love for leather jackets, which I feel is the main ingredient to creating a biker look. Now I'm not saying you need to go all black, head-to-toe, to create this look. But a statement leather jacket and a pair of distressed denim or leather leggings/pants can be fitted and matched together quite easily. For the shoes, I am proud to share with you that you can get these Giueseppe Zanotti lookalikes for about $30 (contact me for details) and not have to worry about saving up so much in the long run. You can pull off this look too, but remember, it's all in the attitude. Feel confident and carry yourself well :) Have a blessed Sunday and a productive week ahead, readers! Feel free to comment on this post or any other posts on my blog for improvements, questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you for the continuous support as always!