Pencil Skirts: Never Out of Style!

Blessed Sunday, readers! Hope you all have been doing well and have had a productive week so far. For those of you facing challenges, don't stress! Instead take all your worries to the Lord, our God and trust Him whole-heartedly to guide you in your life as He has done in mine. Remember, whole-heartedly not a little or just halfway! Refer to Proverbs 3:5 for assurance and I promise you won't be disappointed :) Moving on to this week's outfit post, I'd like to present to you a simple, yet classy church look that I put together in under $30 (head-to-toe)! If you haven't already noticed, white comes under my top favorite colors as it is always easy to pair with other shades. I recently purchased this fishtail pencil skirt from the night market and have been very pleased with this great buy because it's so comfortable and body fitting. I matched my new white pumps with the top and added a white belt to complete the church look. When whites are used for a look, you have to be extra cautious to not mess up as things can get dirty easily but I think the biggest advantage to adding white is that it gives  a clean, soft look (and that's what I love most!) When it comes to pencil skirts, every woman should know that there are different kinds for different body types. Pencil skirts are perfect for pear and hourglass shaped bodies, looking to show off those killer curves. If you have a banana shaped figure, go for a pencil skirt with a peplum to help create the illusion of a curvier physique. For more information feel free to comment below, ask a question, or even voice a suggestion for improvement for this post or any other previous posts. Thank you for reading and stay smiling! Have a lovely week!