Crimson & Cream

Today is Sunday and also my favorite day of the week because I got to praise my Creator in His house. Church was great as usual and we learned about pursuing the heart of God. Aside from that, let me tell you a little about this crazy humidity we have been facing in Bangkok. The weather here has been hotter than usual lately at this time of the year, so wearing darker shades is out of the question these days. For this outfit, I opted for this white jumpsuit and added a pop of maroon to bring life to the outfit. I have been told many times that white looks good on my skin tone so I decided why not rock this piece? I also decided to match the shoes with my maroon watch that I recently bought for a great deal and the silver necklace which was gifted to me by a friend. As a full-time student, it's not always convenient for me to shop in big malls every week so you might be glad to know that this entire outfit from head to toe has been assembled in under $40. What do you guys think? Feel free to comment below for any suggestions to improve the look or any ideas you might have.