Congolese Fusion

Happy Sunday, readers! Thank you for joining me back on the blog this week. As the title suggests, I would like to present to you my Congolese fusion kikwembe (as we call it back home) dress with a westernized twist. This was recently gifted to me by my lovely mother and I absolutely adore the details on this piece! From the lace to the printed ends of the sleeves, this dress is my new favorite for a wedding reception, pre-dowry party (for my fellow Africans who actually have the event in their countries/cultures), cocktail party, or even a romantic date with your man. I paired this dress with my black clutch and Forever21 black pumps. As you have noticed, I picked golden accessories to match with the details on the clutch and the pumps so the whole outfit looks presentable and classy. To achieve this look and own any of the accessories (i.e. clutch, necklace, or watch), please feel free to drop a comment below this post or message me on my official Facebook page @Yanikeur. Thank you for your continuous support and have a blessed week ahead!


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