"It's Handled!"

If you are a big Scandal fan like I am, you will definitely understand this post's title. Welcome back, readers! I hope you have had a blessed week! Today, I channeled my inner Olivia Pope and I hope that you all like the look. I am excited to share with you this post because I have been wanting to create this look for a while now and I can assure you, there are going to be similar looks like this in the future, so do watch out for those. To achieve this look, I made sure to keep it smart, classy, and comfortable. The black slacks came in handy and was easy to pair it with my white peplum blouse. To add a little color to the outfit, I applied my red Lime Crime lipstick and the tricolor Celine bag. A pair of classy stilettos added sophistication to this look and finally, the watch helped me complete looking like Ms. Pope. From this post onwards, I would like to tell you all that if you wish to know on how to get any of the items that I have styled with or you saw in any of the outfit posts, please feel free to contact me through my official business page on how to get them and I promise, it's all for an affordable price! Simply type in "TY Fashion" on Facebook or Instagram and feel free to message at any time for pricing inquiries. Have a progressive and productive week and see you during the next post everyone!