Modernize Your African Fabric

Happy Sunday and welcome back to the blog! Hope you had a blessed weekend and I pray you all achieve whatever it is that you need to complete for the upcoming week ahead. As I prepare for my midterms, I ask you to kindly whisper a prayer in my name for success in my exams so that I move one step further towards my end goal :) Moving on to today's blog post, I am seen sporting one of my mother's gifts; a custom-tailored African-print flared skirt (Mum's the best!) Because the skirt already has three main colors going on, I chose to keep the look simple but matching it with a black top and my new investment on my black lace-up heels. For those who personally know me know that I've been talking about finding the right pair of lace-up heels for the longest time and I am so glad to have finally found this one! You will definitely be seeing this along with a bag full of surprises that I have planned for you all which will be seen soon in the future posts. To accessorize the look, I chose to add my gold Michael Kors watch and a simple gold chain. I have been told several times that African prints really suit me as opposed to other more westernized outfit choices and so I decided to give you more of these for the upcoming posts and also different ways to wear them. In fact these prints have been trending so much that I'm seeing more and more designs on the runway including top brands which have started incorporating the different colored prints in skirts, shoes, clutches, and even headbands. I hope you liked the look and for more inquiries on where to get your hands on any of the outfit pieces (shoes, shirt, necklace, top, etc.), feel free to message me on my official Facebook page titled "Yanikeur" or comment below. Thanks for stopping by and God bless!