Summer Jumpsuit

Bon Dimanche everyone and welcome back to yet another blog post that I have prepared for you all! Before I continue, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who keeps coming back every Sunday to show love and support. I really appreciate it because this is what I love doing and I do it all for you guys! Today, I present to you the summer jumpsuit which can be worn for a ladies night out or a semi-formal event. I chose to accessorize my pink printed jumpsuit with a black purse and black stilettos, but you can choose to pair it up with other colors and styles of accessories such as belts, necklaces, or peep-toe sandals. You can also choose to go for colors such as white and silver if you don't want to opt for black stilettos or a black clutch. I chose to keep it simple and applied my LimeCrime red lipgloss which is perfect for an evening event. Jumpsuits are what I have been into lately and you will be seeing more of it in the near future. They are comfortable to wear, stylish, and flattering on different body types. Like maxi dresses, many styles of jumpsuits cinch at the natural waistline, then drape over the lower body to create an hourglass shape. Once piece of advice for jumpsuits are to avoid the ones that are too tight. Instead, try going for styles with wide-leg pants which will make any body type look leaner and taller. Summer is a time for making bold fashion choices, so have fun experimenting with your new jumpsuit! You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you could possibly get :) If you are interested on how to own this jumpsuit or a similar one, message me on my official business page(s) on Facebook through either "Yanikeur" or "TY Fashion" and I'll be glad to help you out. I hope God blesses you abundantly this week and have a productive week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!