Summer Stroll

And so we meet again! I hope you have had a restful weekend and that you're up and ready for the challenges of a new week. To my Bangkok friends, I pray you all are safe and that you take care amongst the chaos that's reigning at the center of the city. For those that do not know, Bangkok city has been hit by a series of bomb blasts and so I would like for you to kindly pray for the safety of the people here, including myself and my friends, as well as for the people who have lost their loved ones. This is a very tragic moment but I know God has our back. He is watching over this city and its people who are scared and suffering. Moving on to today's post, I have chosen to stick with the season's theme and that is to sport a light summer dress along with my new Zara peach open-toe stilettos. As you may have noticed, the usual grey wall background has changed and that is simply because I have been receiving a lot of suggestions on experimenting on different colored and more natural looking backgrounds for my posts. So I thought to myself, why not? Change is good and I hope you all are pleased with the new shoot looks. I love this dress because it is flowy (as a summer dress should be), it is very comfortable, and the backless halter style keeps the outfit stylish and easy to wear. The look has been kept very simple (minimal make-up and almost close to no jewelry) to show that it can be worn for a day out with your friends, for a walk in the park (as pictured here), or shopping around town by yourself. I only chose to wear my maroon match to add an accessory to the outfit, otherwise, you can also rock it with a sling-back purse or bag, comfortable thong sandals, or a pair of wedges. Summer is the one time you want to be comfortable in so experiment around, let your body breathe a little, and have fun with your looks! Have a blessed week everyone and see you next week for something new just for you!