Easy, Breezy, Yanikeur!

Welcome back to my blog, lovely people! Hope you had a restful and safe weekend. Getting right into things this week...have you noticed any changes? If you did, please drop a comment below this post to let me know what new things you might have noticed about this week's blog pictures and I'll be more than glad to read them. Moving on to the outfit posted; I decided to keep it casual for an easy-going and comfortable look. Whether it's a day out in the park, picnic with your friends, shopping day, coffee with the girls, or just headed to class, this look can be worn pretty much anywhere. It's quick to put together as I chose to pair my midi summer dress with a jean jacket. Styling a jean jacket is simple no matter what the season, although in spring they come in extra-handy and look extra-cool when styled over dresses, or even tossed around your waist. For my shoes, I opted for a pop of pink to add extra color to the outfit and it also happened to match the pink prints of my midi dress. Accessory wise, I chose to go with minimalistic jewelry such as the mini gold hoop earrings and golden bracelets. If you wish to own any of the items I am sporting (dress, jean jacket, shoes, accessories, etc.), please comment below this post or head over to "TY Fashion - Ticia&Yanes" on Facebook to inquire on how you can get your hands on what you like most. If you are lazy to type the entire name, remember you can always copy-paste it for your convenience. Have a blessed and productive week and may the good Lord guide you in all your decisions! Till we meet again, next week! 

Make-Up Artist: Genevieve Maduakor
Photographer: Prerna Kishore