Spice Up An Ordinary Outfit

Welcome back to my world of fashion blogging! Hope you're doing well and hopefully have had a good start to a brand new week. Today's look focuses on bringing a very simple outfit like a tank and a pair of jeans to life by accessorizing and adding bold color combinations. To make it pop, I used my jacket in an extremely simple way to completely change the look of the outfit. Depending on the weather, you could pick a leather, denim, or light jacket for a quick style update. Wearing a different jacket makes things more noticeable and since it is a major article of clothing, it's often the first thing people notice about your outfit. Like jackets, bags also pull in color and help coordinate patterns. If your outfit is too neutral and you wish to add a little attention to it, throw in a bag (that obviously matches the outfit) for a bolder look. We all have our go-to outfits and for many of us, a great pair of jeans and a favorite top is usually the one. Sometimes, however, these favorite outfits just need a little something extra on selected days. That's why I encourage you try and spice up your usual jeans and tank top outfit to be a little more experimenting. I hope you all have a productive week ahead. Stay focused and stay safe. Till we meet next time and God bless you all!

Make-Up Artist: Genevieve Maduakor
Photographer: Prerna Kishore