Tee-Shirt Dresses

Happy Sunday lovely people and welcome back to the blog. Thank you for your continuous support and love shown each week and please keep it coming because I'm very appreciative of it! As for me, I am enjoying my three day weekend since Thailand is offering a substitution of a national holiday tomorrow. For those of you who aren't getting a three-day weekend, I hope you have rested enough today and are prepped for the week's new challenges. Moving on to today's post, I am seen sporting a tee-shirt dress to give of a comfortable and relaxed look. I feel outfits like these are perfect for the humid Bangkok weather and are so easy to move around in. What's a tee-shirt dress you may ask? It's exactly what it sounds like: a shirt that is long enough to be considered a dress. A typical tee-shirt dress looks like a long button-down shirt or an over-sized shirt. that can be customized your way. I have paired mine with a casual pair of slip-on sneakers in which you can match it this way or with laced sneakers, running shoes, or your usual vans/converse shoes. You can also choose to cinch your waist by adding a thin belt if it's a button-down shirt or leave it loose like I have done for a simpler look. As you may have noticed, I didn't accessorize much with this outfit as I normally do with my other ones and instead chose to go with a cute hat and a pop of hot pink lipstick. I chose this particular pink shade to add a little pop to an all-black outfit and yet look stylish. I encourage you try a tee-shirt dress next time you look at it in the mall or market and believe me, you'll soon see how easy it is to wear and how flattering it looks. Have a good week ahead and see you all next Sunday!

Make-Up Artist: Genevieve Maduakor
Photographer: Prerna Kishore