Hello Lovies  and Bon dimanche  glad to have you back on the blog for another post hope  you had an amazing week-end  thus far, as for me still a little busy ,just have a lot going on but know that it shall be well very soon. coming back to this post i really wanted to keep it nice and at the same time classy so opted for a black tight dress and added a shirt on top for a classy look i've decided  to accessorize this outfit with a long necklace to make it pop a little and i chose to go with my orange sandals shoes to keep the same colors tones of my shirt to match  this can be worn to a party,graduation or a date  for a change it a simply look that can be pulled so easy with little efforts, you can never go wrong with a LDB dress because it very essentials to a girl wardrobe, to neutralized the outfit opted for a smooth lipstick  because there is already a lot going on on the outfit . this is how you can look if you want something simple but classy at the same time . if you are not a fan of heels you can try a sneakers or ballerinas as well it can go perfectly with the outfit.
wishing you all a happy Sunday and have a wonderful week ahead and hope you enjoyed the outfit as much as i did making this post for you guys. 

 Thanks a lot to all the readers  for sticking with me till now. I'm too grateful for all the love and support shown and will always be grateful.
With all my love,
shirt and dress: A&T 
Necklace& wrist watch : Forever 21
Shoes:  Zara

Psalm 119:10

                                           SPECIAL THANKS & CREDITS TO:
     Make-Up Artist: Gevevieve maduakor
Photographer: Grace N. Fatuma
Assistant : Coralie Mankand
Stylist: Ticia Nawej